Our team of former naval officers and senior enlisted bring a wealth of operational experience combined with rigorous systems engineering methodology to address all T&E challenges. We have the skills and database tools to support strategy formulation, detailed planning, execution, reporting, and life cycle management of all types of testing from component laboratory testing, system engineering demonstrations and Developmental testing to system of system and platform level Operational T&E, Live Fire, and Joint experimentation.

AVW has backed numerous commands, including the Navy's OTA, COMOPTEVFOR, and various ship, aircraft, and weapon system program offices by providing them insightful and professional T&E expertise. Our team offers a matrixed array of military and T&E skill sets, to augment both Major and Non-Major Defense Acquisition Programs, from total ship test programs such as CVN 78, LHA 6, DDG 1000, and LPD 17 to Joint Strike Fighter and other aviation programs, to individual systems such as Dual Band Radar, Advanced Arresting Gear, and multiple Joint Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Defense programs. Our military engineering analysts, most of whom are former Operational Test Directors or Program Office systems engineers and analysts, are well versed in mission analysis, test requirements mapping, critical operational issue and technical parameter development, test measurement derivation, test plan writing, test requirements reviews, test event execution, data collection and analysis, test report generation and briefings.

Integral to our success in T&E management is our Integrated T&E database which organizes the complex associations and traceability of mission tasks, requirements, test measures, data requirements, test event resources, results, and lessons learned. This data supports a holistic view of life-cycle testing for any type of program, providing key insights into traceability of requirements throughout the process to test results using a variety of correlation matrices. This facilitates early detailed test planning for whatever phase and type of assessment the customer requires and to rapidly produce test plans, tabulation of results, timely reports and lessons learned documents to influence the program design and improve future evaluations.

AVW combines all of these services and products into an integrated test planning strategy to resolve critical operational issues and technical parameters, operational and technical requirements and specification, and their associated test objectives. This method supports an overall reduction in T&E expenditures by finding and planning maximum efficiencies in T&E schedules, resources, and other costs while executing high quality T&E.

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