AVW personnel possess extensive operational background on amphibious ships, frigates, destroyers, and aircraft carriers as Senior Enlisted & Field-grade Officers; surface combatant tactical action officers; anti-submarine and surface warfare coordinators. We also have in-depth knowledge and core skills dealing with sensor systems, command and control systems, integrated networks, and missile systems. AVW analysts have fleet experience in numerous major operations and conflicts.

The team is currently engaged in many aspects of the defense acquisition process related to systems which support Sea Power 21 and its pillars of Sea Base, Sea Shield, and Sea Strike. Our role in supporting those projects ranges from program management, total ship and total system testing, as well as modeling & simulation and systems engineering management. Our clients in OSD, NAVSEA, NAVAIR, and within the Operational Test & Evaluation community appreciate our dedicated and professional support and the intimate knowledge our analysts have of ongoing military operations and in the development of Joint and Navy concepts and strategy. That experience has produced a thorough understanding of the needs and complexities involved in developing requirements, testing and acquiring the superior technology, systems, tactics, techniques, and procedures for components to support the preeminent military force in the world.

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