Hull, Mechanical & Electrical

Our AVW Team of Navy HM&E experts posses a strong background in deck management, maintenance, and repair of all HM&E equipment, related support systems, and networked software control and monitoring systems using the Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual, Ships Maintenance and Material Management (3M) Manual, and the Planned Maintenance System. Our certified Master Training Specialists support engineering training systems evaluation using the Surface Force Training Manual and Fleet directives and policies. We deliver innovative analysis and support solutions to our customers to evaluate design requirements against mission-based needs, assess HM&E system capabilities and identify inefficiencies, and provide expert data management support over the life cycle of HM&E systems.

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Combat & Integrated Warfare Systems

The Combat & Integrated Warfare Systems engineers at AVW are exceptionally qualified in the maintenance and operational readiness of surface ship combat systems, and use an engineering based approach to system design & analysis, fault-finding and maintenance to assure equipment operates at peak performance. Our staff provides a variety of services to support design improvements, SHIPALTs/ORDALTs, weapons systems engineering, Computer Software Management, Guided Weapons Systems and Ammunitions, Radar Systems Analysis, and Electronic Warfare.

AVW professionals support NAVSEA IWS2's efforts in the developmental testing of the SPQ-9B, Dual Band Radar (DBR) and Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR) from initial system design specifications, critical technical perimeters and requirement traceability through the execution of each acquisition milestone and fleet introduction.

AVW professionals also support PEO IWS 3.0 providing technical services relating to the development and integration of all current and future surface ship gun, missile, and directed energy weapon systems. They contribute to the development of the Missile Integration Test and Evaluation Plan for DDG 1000 and assessment of related risks, the missile integration efforts related to the development of the Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR), the Aegis Combat System Advanced Capability Build (ACB) requirements development process, the Capstone Enterprise Air Warfare Ship Self Defense and Pra testbed efforts, the ongoing CNO-directed Warfare Capability Baseline Assessment study, the OPNAV Non-Nuclear Ordinance Requirements process, the review and assessment of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

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Fire Suppression

The Aviation Firefighters at AVW have extensive experience in providing engineering services to NAVSEA/NAVAIR in the field of carrier aviation crash, rescue and salvage. Our team is instrumental in the development and validation testing of firefighting doctrine and procedures, particularly with internal fueling stations, and the necessary revisions to NATOPS and subsequent crew training. Our engineers provide invaluable services for the development of F-35C emergency operations pertaining to crash, rescue and salvage, and associated NATOPS revisions. We research and assess COTS firefighting tools for inclusion in the crash & salvage tool inventory, and subsequently assist in the creation of the logistics supply chain for that equipment.

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