Information Technology & Databases

The IT professionals at AVW are skilled in Access, SQL, Vbasic, C++, MS Office Suite and various other rational database software packages and have used these tools to create tailored, stand-alone information management tools with user friendly interfaces to support our client's needs. We've also crafted business processes around the functionality of these tools to provide our client's with an efficient way of doing business. Our team is familiar with Integrated Product Data Environments, Integrated Data Environments, and Computer Aided Design suites.

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Life-Cycle Maintenance

The engineers at AVW have significant experience with the skills, processes and programs needed to execute the entire engineering maintenance process from the class/hull/job work package creation, brokering, and scheduling of repairs through the execution, QA and certification process. This includes the use of AIM, NMD, RMAIS, SUPDESK, SharePoint, and other maintenance related IT tools. Our team is fluent in capturing lessons learned, Hot Wash information, and Un-planned event investigations allowing for the development and implementation of engineering best practices.

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