OPNAV Support

AVW team members are well versed and have significant expertise implementing DODD 5000.1, DODI 5000.02, and SECNAVINST 5000.2 while providing program policy & acquisition support to OPNAV N84, the Naval T&E Executive. Our Military Engineering Analysts are currently involved with the USN/USMC/USAF MV/CV-22, C-130 series, AV-8B, C-2, and KC-46 aviation programs; the Next Generation Jammer & JATAS electronic warfare programs; the JSOW, JDAM, & Harpoon weapon programs; and the UCLASS, VTUAV, and STUAS UAV programs. In these efforts we facilitate development of Test and Evaluation Strategy (TES), Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP), T&E WIPT Charters, CDD/CPD, Reliability Growth planning and STAT/DOE.

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Design of Experiments/STAT

AVW provides PhD level STAT/DoE capabilities to acquisition test programs to improve their efficiency and cost effectiveness, while extracting and analyzing the appropriate data allowing decision makers to make confident and informed risk decisions. The entire AVW staff has received STAT/DoE training and applies that knowledge regularly across all projects where appropriate. Our STAT/DoE cadre constantly collaborates with STAT/DoE experts at Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E), Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Developmental Test (DASD (DT&E)) and the other Services practitioners, as well as academia and industry to ensure the team stays abreast of new techniques and policies.

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Mission Based Test Design/Integrated Evaluation Framework

AVW staff is exceptionally competent in the execution of the Mission Based Test Design methodology. Applying systems engineering processes and methods, team members decompose standard Naval mission areas into warfighter tasks. Those are mapped to battlespace conditions and then test measures based on attributes and capabilities specified in the program's capability documentation and derived from other authoritative sources. The culmination of the process is applying design of experiments and other test methods to develop operational test vignettes and scenarios to test the capabilities and tasks over the range of battlespace conditions. The resulting product of MBTD showing the mission decomposition, traceability to attributes/measures, vignette test matrices, and supporting explanations are conveyed in a document called the Integrated Evaluation Framework.

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