Staff Members: M - R

Bob McIntyre

Senior Military Analyst; Ph.D. Industrial Psychology and Multivariate Statistics; 32 years of experience in the areas of quantitative methods, design of experiments and advanced statistics, metrics development, training development and evaluation, staffing organizations. Experienced in MBTD, IEF, and DoE.

Edward Mullen

Senior Military Analyst; B.S., Applied Science; M.A., Business Administration; M.S., National Security Strategy; 22 years of military service, surface warfare, nuclear engineering experience in the fields of shipboard combat systems, missiles, guns, radars, and nuclear propulsion systems. 5 years of civilian employment concentrating in acquisition program test, evaluation and systems engineering.

Vince Ortiz

Senior Military Analyst; M.A., Business Administration; M.S., Physics; B.S., Mechanical Engineering; 20 years of military service in the fields of shipboard combat systems, nuclear power, test and evaluation, maintenance and logistics. 8 years of civilian employment in program management, modeling and simulation, verification, validation and accreditation (VV&A) of simulations, testing, and DoE.

Timothy Ryerson

Senior Military Analyst; 21 years of military service as a Fire Controlman specializing in the Tactical employment of the Aegis Combat System, with extensive knowledge of Aegis BMD. Over nine years of civilian employment, experience primarily focused on AEGIS Combat System BMD Baselines 3.6.1, 4.0, providing warfighter tactical and technical training, along with test and evaluation of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System.

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