Staff Members: S - Z

Paul Sanchez

Military Analyst; B.A., Business Management; 20 years of military service specializing in the Aegis Combat System with extensive knowledge of Aegis BMD tactical application, SSDS and ACDS operations. Qualified Interface Control Officer (ICO). Over 5 years of civilian employment experience primarily focused on warfighter training and combat system operational testing.

Ken 'Jake' Schlachter

Senior Military Analyst; BA Business Administration, MA Business Administration, 26 years of military experience in shipboard Weapons/Combat Systems, AAW, SUW, ATFP and VBSS primarily on Aegis ships. Three years of experience in Operational Test and Evaluation of Aegis BMD 3.6, 4.0, 5.0 and Aegis Ashore. Experienced in MBTD, IEF and DoE.

Lisa Sickinger

Military Analyst; B.S., Economics; M.S., Operations Research; 11 years of naval military experience as a Surface Warfare Officer in amphibious and Aegis combat systems, weapons and operations. 1 year of civilian employment in maintenance analysis of submarine systems. Experienced in M&S, Statistics and DoE.

Josh Tribble

Senior Military Analyst; B.S., Aerospace Engineering; M.E., Systems Engineering; 10 years of military service as a Naval Surface Warfare Officer, Combat Systems expertise (STW, ASW, SUW, NSFS); 7 years of civilian employment in defense acquisition, and test & evaluation. Experience in MBTD, IEF, DoE, M&S VV&A, STAT.

Thomas P. Weston

Senior Military Analyst; B.S., Management; 24 years of military service in the field of shipboard Hull Mechanical and Electrical Systems Operations and Maintenance, Safety and Training. 12 years of civilian employment concentrating on the test and evaluation of new ship acquisition programs to include DDG 1000, LPD 17, CVN 78, LHA 6, and JHSV. Experienced in MBTD, IEF, DoE.

Clay Zocher

Senior Military Analyst; B.S., Nautical Science; 26 years of military service in the field of shipboard Operations and Combat Systems; Radars, Missiles, Guns and C4I Systems. 4 years of civilian employment in the field of test & evaluation of surface ship acquisition programs, including the DDG 1000 ship class acquisition program. Experienced in MBTD, IEF, DoE.

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